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CD Cover for album 'Feather' by DFG Therapy

You can enjoy some of our music online:

DFG Therapy - Der Neue Weg on YoutubeDFG Therapy - Der Neue Weg
DFG Therapy - Pritomnosti on YoutubeDFG Therapy - Pritomnosti
DFG Therapy - Feather [full album] on YoutubeDFG Therapy - Feather [full album]

We are happy to invite you to see us live. Well, actually we are a studio project and have made some efford to transfere our sound into a live-act. It's new, we sound a bit different and we like it. It's pretty good for dancing one could think...
So if you can - stop by:
28.04.2018 - Ryzmberk, Kdyne, CZ (near Domazlice)
10.05.2018 - Pristav 18600, Karlin, Prague, CZ
17.08.2018 - Harbour, Lipno, CZ
18.08.2018 - Rodelgelände, Ottensheim, AT LINK
more to come soon... maybe... who knows?

if you want to own an original CD, become a generous sponsor or just get in touch with us send an email to dfg.therapy@gmail.com

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DFG Therapy makes electronic music for you...
sometimes fine and sometimes rough sometimes sweet sometimes sour sometimes loud sometimes low sometimes something sometimes someone sometimes nothing
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